Why Non-profits and Philanthropy are Great for our Business

At MKA, we are more than just an accounting firm. We care about our community, and for that reason, philanthropy is a one of our company’s focal points. MKA has done work with various non-profits in Central Florida, many of which are clients of ours. As a result of our avid community involvement, we have […]

How the election results will affect your taxes!

This presidential election has certainly been unprecedented with everything going on in the world, and the fact that it is happening during a global pandemic has made it even crazier. With the state of the world being so, well, 2020 right now, there is a lot to consider before you cast your vote for who […]

Presidential Memo: Defer Employee Payroll Taxes

On August 28, 2020 the Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service issued guidance implementing the Presidential Memorandum issued on August 8, 2020. This allowed employers to defer withholding and payment of the employee’s portion of the Social Security tax if the employee’s wages are below a certain amount. This deferral generally applies to wages paid starting […]

PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculation

On May 15, the Small Business Administration (SBA), put out the following:  “Today, the Small Business Administration (SBA), in consultation with the Department of the Treasury, released the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Application and detailed instructions for the application. The form and instructions inform borrowers how to apply for forgiveness of their PPP loans, […]

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