Hungry for Growth?

As a restaurateur, you’re in one of the most competitive and volatile industries. Everything from weather, seasons, locations, supply chain, inventory and cash affects your business. What used to be a straightforward, cash-in-the-register operation has been replaced by high-tech production systems and point-of-sale software that manage every aspect of your organization. MKA has the insight to answer your questions and the expertise to navigate business, tax and regulatory challenges that will ultimately aid you in achieving your business goals.

In addition to the traditional audit, accounting and tax services, we can assist with the following:

  • All Year-end Corporate Tax Returns
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • IRS Annual Tip Report
  • Annual Break-even Analysis
  • Annual 1099’s
  • Forecasting & Budgets
  • Fixed-asset Purchase Consulting
  • Cash Management Consulting
  • Franchise Related Consulting
  • Ongoing Tax Planning
  • Business Planning


Firm Affiliations

  • AICPA Quality Audit Center

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