Gas Saving Tips for Your Summer Travel

This article explains the best money-saving methods for travelers hitting the road this summer. All 50 US states have hit the $4 per gallon mark, and the national average is currently at $4.59. According to AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross, “gas prices are now $1.56 more than a year ago and $1.05 more than they were when the war in Ukraine started in February.” Several tips to help save on the high gas prices include filling up your tank in the middle of the week rather than on Friday, getting your car a tuneup so that it may run smoothly, keeping the windows up, and setting your vehicle to cruise control. More suggestions include downloading a gas tracking app, paying with cash instead of a credit card, signing up for gas station chain loyalty programs, and traveling closer to your home. To learn more on ways to save money on traveling this summer, click the link!

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